With 2 floors of suites, we’ve got an office that’s just the right size for your business. Both our main floor and lower level include office spaces that cover a wide range of sizes and needs. Many of our Centerco business community members use their offices for things such as medical offices, massages, physical therapy, cosmetology and much more. These tenants require a large space to effectively do their job, but some business owners simply need a desk and some office supplies, which is why a smaller office works perfectly for them. We also have tenants that have multiple offices within the building so they can stay close to one another, but also have their own personal workspace. No matter your work situation, we can accommodate!

Our main floor includes a lounge and coffee station for all Centerco Office Suites tenants, along with a high quality print station and a large conference room. The main floor is also where you’ll find the reception area, where you leave notes with the on-duty receptionists about any client visitors or packages you might be expecting, and retrieve any messages left for your company.

Our lower floor includes a state of the art fitness center to which all Centerco tenants receive complimentary access. You and your employees can enjoy the convenience of a fitness center that is in the same building as your office, making it easier to squeeze in a workout before, after, or even during business hours. Thanks to the spacious men and women’s locker rooms right next door, employees can even pop into the fitness center for a lunch time workout and be spruced up for their afternoon meetings in no time.

The lower level also has a small break room and print center, giving lower level tenants easy access to common areas of their own.

Each floor boasts a wide range of options that can easily be catered to your business’s specific needs. Take a look at our office floor plans and contact us for more information.


office floor plans